The health benefits of ginger tea

Did you know that ginger tea is extremely beneficial to our skin and overall health? Although there are plenty of herbal and fruit teas available to buy, some offer a fantastic, refreshing taste but nothing more. Here, we take a look at the health benefits of ginger tea and why this should be your hot beverage of choice.


Ginger tea benefits for internal health


1. Reduces inflammation

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties that are ideal for combating issues that affect your joints and muscles. By simply adding a warming mug of ginger tea to your daily routine, you’ll start noticing wonderful results! Additionally, instead of drinking ginger tea, you can use it to soak inflamed joints which will produce similar effects.


2. Improves blood circulation

Ginger tea contains many vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which contribute towards preventing cardiovascular complications and fat depositing arteries, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes.


3. Combats menstrual discomfort

Ginger tea can be an absolute lifesaver for women who suffer from dreaded, painful menstrual cramps each month! Simply soak a small towel in ginger tea and place it on your lower abdomen when you can feel the discomfort sets in. This will relax the muscles and contribute towards relieving pain caused by cramping. Additionally, drinking a mug of ginger tea with a dash of honey will help to soothe and reduce menstrual cramp symptoms too.


How ginger tea benefits skin

Derma Organics Ginger Tea

1. Rejuvenates & Brightens

Both drinking ginger tea, and applying it to your skin, can have a major impact on your overall appearance. Ginger contains many antioxidant properties which combat free radical damage and will help to prevent those unwanted signs of ageing. Additionally, ginger evens your skin tone to produce and smooth complexion, which will assist in revealing your inner glow.


 2. Helps to fight acne

The antiseptic and antioxidant properties of ginger tea can help to fight against the bacteria and free radicals that cause acne. Drinking ginger tea is a natural and pain-free remedy that really works, and it simply requires adding a few mugs of this warming liquid to your daily routine.


3. Reduces cellulite

If you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite and dream of ultra-smooth skin, drinking ginger tea can really help. Ginger has the ability to increase circulation and cell regeneration, which is what helps to fight dreaded cellulite, and all you need to do is source ginger tea or add a dash of this powerful spice to your favourite drink for great cellulite-busting results.

Now that you know all of the great benefits of ginger tea, we hope that we’ve motivated you to add it to your daily routine. It’s true that the simplest task can make a huge difference to your internal health and the overall appearance of your skin, and drinking ginger tea is certainly one of them.

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